KManga is a service where you can read your favorites mangas in your kindle.

We are in BETA mode, so expect problems in the service. If you find some issues you can contact us via the contact form.


  1. Set your kindle email in your user settings.
  2. Allow your amazon account to receive emails from
  3. Use the search box to find your manga and subscribe to it.
  4. Configure the subscription language and number of issues per day.
  5. Configure in your profile your time zone and the UTC time when your subscription will be sent.

The system will send you a maximum of 30 issues per day, but there is no limit of the number of subscriptions that you can create.

Check the Action select box to change the status of the issues, and to manually send a list of issues.

Source code

The source code of is available in GitHub.

Also, one disclaimer, kmanga does not store any manga. It only downloads the images from the different sources and builds a MOBI document specific for the subscriber.